Few experiences can compare to the serenity that comes from relaxing beside a beautiful garden pond. And there is no better way of preserving that natural beauty than with API pond products.

This year API POND introduces Quick Start™, an innovative new treatment to the simplify spring start up. Quick Start contains live, nitrifying bacteria to immediately start the biological filter and support a healthy, balanced pond all season long.

For most pond owners, the primary challenge to maintaining a beautiful pond in managing algae growth. Our Algae Cure and Blanketweed Cure, provide powerful algae control.

The API POND brand includes a broad spectrum of natural products. In addition to our newest entry, Quick Start, the range features Pond-Zyme®, Barley Clear, Stress Coat®, and all-natural botanical medications, Melafix and Pimafix. To help maintain a clean, clear healthy pond, the natural choice is API POND.

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