Perfect Start

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Successfully starts & maintains your new aquarium!

API PERFECT START is a completely new, unique aquarium starter program that provides everything you need to start your aquarium right, keep fish healthy and water clean and crystal clear for a lifetime.

API PERFECT START guides you through the first critical weeks providing the efficacy of API’s products with very simple instructions and tips!

API PERFECT START consists of 3 envelopes to use on Day 1 when setting up the aquarium, Day 14 and Day 28 after the aquarium set up. Each envelop contains single dose of API’s most popular and efficient products such as STRESS COAT, STRESS ZYME and QUICK START.


  • Makes tap water safe
  • Reduces risk of fish loss
  • Keeps aquarium clean
  • Detoxifies aquarium ammonia
  • Promotes fish health

 Did you know?

API PERFECT START prevents the following:

  1. Tap water contains chemicals, such as chlorine and heavy metals, which are harmful to fish.
  2. When fish are introduced to an aquarium, the ammonia and nitrite levels rise; this will stress fish and can lead to fish death.
  3. Organic sludge building up in the gravel bed creates an unhealthy environment.
  4. General fish health is supported by adding aquarium salt to freshwater aquariums.


Treats up to 40L. 1-month supply of aquarium treatment.

When to use: Use API® PERFECT START when starting a new aquarium.