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Complete all-in-one product for improving and simplifying the effectiveness of the monthly aquarium water change.


  • All-in-one Care Pack: Contains everything necessary to keep aquatic environment clean & healthy
  • No measuring – Just Pour! Pre-measured monthly water treatments in a single dose format
  • Simplifies aquarium maintenance, keeps aquarium clean & clear
  • Makes tap water safe for fish
  • Ideal for fish owners with a 10 gallon aquarium (or smaller)

Follow the API Easy Care Guide and use MONTHLY CARE when:

  • Performing monthly water changes

MONTHLY CARE contains 4 different aquarium treatments, each provided in single dose formats.  
To maintain a healthy aquarium, it’s important to change the water and treat it monthly. MONTHLY CARE makes it easy. Simply make a 25% water change, then add the contents of each of the 4 enclosed packets. MONTHLY CARE makes tap water safe for fish, reduces harmful ammonia and nitrite, and keeps the aquarium clean and clear.


  • STRESS COAT® to make tap water safe
  • QUICK START® to reduce harmful ammonia & nitrite
  • ACCU-CLEAR® to clear cloudy water
  • STRESS ZYME® to keep the aquarium clean

Directions: Empty contents of one packet each of STRESS COAT, QUICK START, STRESS ZYME and ACCU-CLEAR into the aquarium, after making a 25% water change. Use monthly.

Item #:        Size:        Treats Up To:
83D            1 box        10 U.S. gal / 40 L

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