API® brand launches its first ever streaming television spot!

We’re excited to announce that the API® brand is launching its first ever television commercial called “Bring it Home!”. The 30 second spot shows how a young boy is marveled by the grandeur of a large public aquarium and then goes home and together, with his father, they build their very own aquarium to enjoy the tranquil beauty an aquarium offers from their very own family room!

The commercial was shot by our creative agency, 9Rooftops with limited crew and talent on set due to Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing guidelines. We were able to leverage the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston, SC after hours to keep everyone safe.  

“Especially during these difficult times, we wanted to showcase an exciting, low-maintenance family activity because fish keeping also provides surprising health benefits, including a reduction of blood pressure, stress and a better night’s sleep”, says Global Brand Manager, Karyn Cook. “And studies have even shown that watching fish can calm children with hyperactivity disorder and even improve the unpredictable and disruptive behavior of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease.”

Watch the commercial below to submerse yourself in the underwater world of fish!

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